A1 Paradise

A1 Paradise

A1 Paradise leader in software, web and mobile application development in Tehran. We successfully worked with many international companies. Our professional level is confirmed by independent evaluations and reviews from respected companies around the world.

We have created hundreds of sophisticated products, such as web services, corporate websites, Startups, iOS and Android apps, and more.

Web Development

Development of websites and complex web systems

Software Development

Development of websites and complex web systems

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications development

Digital Design

The areas of print, video, and multimedia


Complex development and Startups

Game Desing

Creating games for entertainment or for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes


A1 Paradise make things one step further. We help you pinpoint barriers and business backlines and show you how to solve them using the power of modern technologies. We also empower professionals and offer them everything for faster and more accurate business decisions so you can be more profitable than you’ve ever thought. No matter what your industry is, how big your business is, or your goals in the not-so-distant future – Domino can help you create a custom application to integrate and maintain IT solutions.

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How we work

It is easy getting started with us!

  1. Preliminary phase – Quoting, consulting

We will respond promptly upon request – Brief evaluation within one hour, Estimated within 24 hours. We do the initial consultation by phone or we will hold the meeting at a convenient time for you.


At this point, the consultations are free!

Brief evaluation

Cost estimation

Free consultation


  1. Requirements specification, Technical feasibility, Technology selection

For simple projects, we can estimate the exact cost at the initial stage.

For complex projects, the requirements specification is the first stage of development, in which the technology stack is determined, the work is analyzed and described, the project timeline is created.At this stage, for complex projects, we also provide market analysis, product launch plan, and a business logic.

Development of requirements specifications

Selection the technology stacks

Calculation the expenses


  1. Prototyping, design, interactive design

Designing and developing prototypes, CFG (control flow graph) and links is an important part of the development process. the client monitors every step and confirms each step. The design is developed after the prototype has been agreed. Interactive visualization allows you to fully understand the future product and test the user’s experience without even starting the development process.


System logic



  1. Technical implementation. Quality control at each stage.

Technical implementation takes place according to the approved requirements specification and feature list. We use a stack of modern technology for our development. Monitoring online projects at each stage allows you to solve the most challenges with the full transparency of the process of solving and eliminating possible errors.

Technical implementation

Modern technology

Project monitoring


  1. Testing, delivery of the project. Warranty service

Project testing takes place in several stages, some of which are in the process of continuous development. Integration testing is done as a separate step. The test method is determined by the technical unit. Project delivery consists of several steps, each accepted with an acceptance certificate. Each project has a trial period and a warranty period. It varies from several months for simple projects to several years for complex projects.


Project delivery


Why us?

5 Years’ Experience

We have learned a lot from this experience and are ready to share it

Trusted dozens of clients

International experience and many satisfied customers

Professional and varied services

Full turnkey services with the highest quality

Flexible prices

Optimal pricing for each customer

”has the rare ability to turn complex ideas into beautifully designed apps”

- Carmen Heiter, , Head of PM and Development, Katadyn Group

It requires a fantastic combination of technical expertise and creative understanding to come up with a digital concept that perfectly matches your core brand proposition”

- Crista Mathes, , Sr. Analyst II, IT Training, Biogen

“Domino managed to find creative solutions to all of our technical challenges as well as designing a sleek and visually appealing site”

- Filippo Barra, Head of Products, GamePix

‘’Nec detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem ei est. Alienum phaedrum torquatos.’’

- Daniel Goldenberg, Founder

Our goal is to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing the most effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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