Web Development

World’s best back-end platforms         

The Top Web Development Frameworks

High standards front-end

HTML5, CSS3, React JS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Mobile First, AMP, Page Speed

Business intelligence, Professional UI/UX

Qualitative approach to design, business intelligence, marketing research

Multi-stage QA and optimization

Quality assurance at every stage, SEO according to the latest standards

Technology Stack


HTML5, CSS 3, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue.js, webpack, AMP, Typescript


PHP, MySQL, Laravel, MODX, Python, Node.js, Scala


Web site development steps

  • Project Evaluation

First, we offer a quick calculation of the time and cost of the project

  • Business logic and Project architecture

Project planning based on business logic and development of required specifications

  • Project development

Design, implementation of the full development cycle along with the presentation of the periodic report

  • Final quality control and planning for Launch

“For each project with any budget, we apply the integrated standard and quality control system.”  Omid, Project manager.