Game Design

Html5 Games

Advanced game development from 0 to 100.

Mobile Games

We are focusing on mobile games and specialist in small games.

Art and assets

Artwork (including textures and 3D models), sound effects and music, text, dialogue and anything else that is presented to the user.’

Custom development

Designing special gameplay for a wide range of proposes

Domino DM

Domino DM have a great experience in working with major global brands from a variety of backgrounds. We are ready to accept the project with a flexible budget but maximum performance.

Domino DM game studio is made up of passionate developers and freelancer who love games more than anything else.

Our game studio offers a variety of products and services:

We operate as game publisher and game developer for mobile games and HTML 5 games.

We help companies reskin or rebrand existing games from our portfolio.

We launch white label games and entertainment portals.

We design and develop HTML 5 and mobile games for brands, including playable ads, lead generation games, and social impact games for SCR proposes.

We develop game solutions for hotels, airlines, hospitals and schools as for entertaining and educating proposes


Stages of Game Design Process


  1. Game Idea

The idea of the game is indeed the initiation of the development process. The game idea could be completely new or can be an inspiration from a successful game. Game app development idea must be able to draw out the essential points. Who are the targeted players, Why would a player get attracted to play the game, Would the game be able to fulfill the requirements of the players, What elements must be added for engaging the players, Is the game filled with fun, What are the best integrated elements in the game that could surprise the players, etc. are few of the questions which must be considered while developing a game idea

  1. Idea Refinement and Concept Development

Idea refinement is the next stage of mobile game development. This usually defined as storyline building that involves developing the lead character, story plot and the overall theme of the game. In this stage, the goal of the game and control is identified. The concept of game development includes a quick overview and representation of the building blocks of the game. The overview of the game includes detailed aspects about game mechanics, settings, technology and interactions.

  1. Game Design Documentation

Once the entire concept of the game is drafted, it’s time to proceed towards the production stage. Creating a game design document is highly essential for designing the game.

  1. Creating Prototypes

After getting assured about the mechanics after the tests, it is essential to create a playable prototype for the targeted platform.

  1. Designing Architecture

Game functions are generally evolved in the development stage. The looks and behavior of the game are completely different than the plans in the initial phase

  1. Implementation of Game

Once the architecture designs and the prototypes are ready, the game developer team proceed ahead towards the final implementation. Following the agile methodologies, the designer designs the game based on the planned theme. The art designing involves game play, the levels, menus and promotional arts. The programmers develop a game logic for the iteration which is completely based on the designed art. The core game play or UI/UX is implemented based on the iteration.

  1. Game Testing

QA testing is done by a team of highly qualified testers. These testers ensure to maintain the quality of the game before deploying on different targeted platforms. Before releasing the game, the unfinished game is exposed to a certain range of potential players. By collecting feedbacks from the players, the efficiency of the game can be measured.

  1. Maintenance and Support

A wide range of support services for the app like: backend development, monitoring the performance.


Technology Stack

Unity, CocoonJS, AppGameKit, Canvas, construct 2, Game Maker Studio, Corona SDK, C++, Django


Our goal is to become a strategic partner for our customers, providing the most effective and affordable IT solutions of the highest quality.

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